Welcome to hoplay.online

You can download the BETA through :

What is hoplay?

Hoplay is a cross-platform app aims to connect players having the same interests.

Hoplay has the best platform to help any user to select his/her teammates for a game session with specific standards by providing a Game Request System.

Any other player(s) can easily search for any game includes teammates with specific standards using Hoplay filtering-system

Chat rooms help players to communicate easily during their game sessions.

Rating system excites hoplay players to gain more points and ratings from other players.

How hoplay works!

Khaled wants to play Overwatch with players who have specific standards.

Other players can search for any game with specific standards.

They can choose any team they want to join.

Their IDs in that game will appear automatically in the request room.

Team Members

Behind the scenes

Khalid Alhindi (CEO)

Project Manager

Computer Science student. Web & Apps Developer.

Abdulaziz S.(CTO)

Techincal Side

Software Engineer student. Games & Apps Developer.

Project Progress

We're working on a several stages for the project, such as server, application, and design. Each stage has a separate progress.